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Kingdom-Focused and Jesus-Centered Teaching from a Messianic Jewish Perspective. Each episode of A Promise of What Is to Come , takes key concepts...
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Resources Catalog in Print

New Resources Catalog 2017–18

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Our 48-page print catalog for 2017-18 contains all the latest resources available at our Store. Order additional catalogs free of charge for distribution in your congregation/church and community.

Order from anywhere in the world! Our US distribution center is open weekdays 9am–4pm, Fridays 9am–1pm (CST | GMT -6 hrs). At these times you will be able to speak to the Administrative Care Team, and you can also place phone orders. Call us toll free 800-775-4807 or at (+1) 417-468-2741 for additional information.

Please use the links we provided below, and the top Info & Help menu, to find all the necessary information on how to purchase resources, and track your orders.