A Promise of What Is to Come, DVD Videos

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Study Guide Workbook

We have created a special Study Guide to be used in conjunction with the FFOZ TV Series, A Promise of What Is to Come, preferably in a group setting, although it is quite suitable for individuals who wish to immerse themselves deeper in the teaching presented. See the Related Resources tab below.

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Kingdom-Focused and Jesus-Centered Teaching from a Messianic Jewish Perspective.

Each episode of A Promise of What Is to Come, takes key concepts within the gospel message and connects them to the kingdom, while examining them from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Also Available: Study Guide (Student Workbook)

To better retain the information and further facilitate discussion related to this program, First Fruits of Zion has created a study guide with twenty-six chapters corresponding to the twenty-six episodes in A Promise of What Is to Come. Each chapter contains an overview, quotes, and questions to help the reader explore in more detail the concepts and ideas presented in the television show.

Video and Disc Contents

Disc 1

  • ŒEpisode 1: The Good News
  • ŒEpisode 2: Messiah
  • ŒEpisode 3: Call His Name Yeshua

Disc 2

  • Episode 4: Jewish Prophecies
  • ŒEpisode 5: Son of David
  • ŒEpisode 6: Exile and Redemption

Disc 3

  • Episode 7: Ingathering of Israel
  • Episode 8: The Gospel Message
  • ŒEpisode 9: Repentance

Disc 4

  • ŒEpisode 10: The Kingdom Is Now
  • ŒEpisode 11: None Greater Than John
  • ŒEpisode 12: Raising Disciples

Disc 5

  • ŒEpisode 13: The Torah Is Not Canceled
  • ŒEpisode 14: Seek First the Kingdom
  • ŒEpisode 15: Thy Kingdom Come

Disc 6

  • ŒEpisode 16: Keys to the Kingdom
  • ŒEpisode 17: Binding and Loosing
  • ŒEpisode 18: Speaking in Parables

Disc 7

  • ŒEpisode 19: The Golden Rule
  • ŒEpisode 20: What Day Is the Sabbath?
  • ŒEpisode 21: Foretaste of the Kingdom

Disc 8

  • ŒEpisode 22: Fringes of the Garment
  • ŒEpisode 23: All Foods Clean
  • ŒEpisode 24: Treasure in Heaven

Disc 9

  • ŒEpisode 25: Resurrection
  • ŒEpisode 26: Restoring the Kingdom

Disc 10

  • ŒBonus Features: HaYesod
  • ŒThe Foundation [01:00]
  • ŒThe Sabbath [01:58]
  • ŒTransforming Lives [16:56]
  • ŒBonus Features: Torah Club
  • ŒUnrolling the Scroll [02:02]
  • ŒShadows of the Messiah [02:01]
  • ŒChronicles of the Messiah [02:10]

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Kingdom-Focused and Jesus-Centered Teaching from a Messianic Jewish Perspective. Each episode of A Promise of What Is to Come , takes key concepts...
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