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The Bible’s Guide for Men Seeking a Better Marriage

Unlike the type of advice you might find in most marriage books, Adam Loves Eve goes straight for the medicine by bringing the Messiah’s kingdom message into your marriage. This book, for men-only, will not only change your marriage, it will change your life.

Yes, there is still hope for your marriage!

This is a book for men only—specifically followers of Jesus, especially if they are married men, and especially if they are finding marriage to be perplexing and more difficult than they expected. This is a book about how God’s instructions in the Bible can make a man’s marriage better.

Before getting married, most men think that marriage will be easy. The man assumes that if he finds the right woman, he will be an excellent husband. She will love him; he will love her. What could be simpler? The Bible teaches a different message. The Bible commands men to love their wives as the Messiah loves his people:

Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. (Ephesians 5:25)

This verse from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians means that, according to the Bible, a man must crucify himself, so to speak, for the sake of his bride. That’s how Christ loved the assembly of his people.

If you are happily married, you might not understand Paul’s picture, but if you are struggling in a distressed marriage, you might identify with the metaphor a little too readily. Husbands enduring unhappy marriages might think crucifixion preferable to the torment of an abrasive home life. Drawing insights from the New Testament, Messianic Jewish teaching, and the wisdom of the Jewish people, this is a book about how you can carry out the Bible’s instruction to “love your wife just as the Messiah loved the assembly and gave himself up for her.”

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This is a study guide intended to be used as a workbook to accompany the book Adam Loves Eve: The Bible’s Guide for Men Seeking a Better Marriage.

This accompanying study guide/workbook was created with the same objective as the book—to be a tool for improving your marriage and obtaining the glittering prize of Shalom Bayit, i.e., “peace in the home.” The Adam Loves Eve Study Guide offers helpful chapter summaries and provocative questions that must be studied out from the Bible. It’s not just a workbook, it’s a Bible study.

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The Bible’s Guide for Men Seeking a Better Marriage Unlike the type of advice you might find in most marriage books, Adam Loves Eve goes straight for...

Una guía Bíblica para hombres decididos a mejorar su matrimonio. La mayoría de los matrimonios no son felices. Los matrimonios cristianos no son...
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The Bible’s Guide for Men Seeking a Better Marriage Unlike the type of advice you might find in most marriage books, Adam Loves Eve goes straight for...
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