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A Visual Exploration of 'Biblically Kosher'.

A Supplement to the Book, Biblically Kosher.

This supplement beautifully illustrates the key ideas of the book, Biblically Kosher, by using excerpts from the book, Scripture passages, and eye-popping photography, all presented in a classy glossy format. It also offers in a nutshell the key ideas of keeping kosher from a Messianic Jewish perspective and produces a spiritual hunger for more information, which "Biblically Kosher" can ably satisfy.

Buy 5 or more of this supplement at less 40% ($3.00 each), to stimulate conversation or get friends interested in the topic and in the book.

The text in this book is excerpted from Biblically Kosher: A Messianic Jewish Perspective on Kashrut by Aaron Eby. In that book, Eby provides a well reasoned and more complete explanation of the dietary laws. There you will learn that there is much more to following the Bible's food laws than simply avoiding pork or shellfish! Biblically Kosher also elucidates several passages in the New Testament that people use to claim that kosher law is no longer valid for followers of Yeshua.

Enjoy these images as you continue in your journey of spiritual eating. And let us always remember that “man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD” (Deuteronomy 8:3). 

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A Messianic Jewish Perspective on Kashrut. Revealing the Biblical Sources of Dietary Laws in Judaism

There is much more to the Bible’s food laws than saying, "Hold the bacon." Learn what the Bible, ancient Rabbis, and the Apostles teach about eating. Did Jesus put ham, shrimp, and snails back on the table? See how a Messianic Jewish perspective provides important cultural context and uncovers the true meaning of New Testament passages about eating. Find out what it really means to eat biblically.

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