Conversation on Luther, Audio CD

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In the late Middle Ages, Christians did not consider the Jews to be God’s chosen people but merely reluctant witnesses to truth that the church had discovered. Martin Luther, a product of his time, was anti-Semitic throughout his life. Today, Lutherans struggle with the reality that Luther was responsible, in part, for the horrors of the Holocaust and are seeking reconciliation with the Jewish people.

How can the church show genuine repentance and reconciliation with the Jewish people? Can the Jewish people forgive those who have inherited Martin Luther’s anti-Semitic legacy? Professor and author Dr. Richard Harvey believes Messianic Jews are a bridge between the church and Judaism. Dr. Harvey discusses his new book, Luther and the Jews: Putting Right the Lies, with First Fruits of Zion Director of Outreach, Ryan Lambert.

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Dr. Richard Harvey with Ryan Lambert
Audio CD
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