Depths of the Torah, Audio CD Set

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Depths of the Torah Audio Commentary on Yeshua in the Torah contains fifty-four audio chapters corresponding to the fifty-four Torah portions. The audio magazine supplement includes a short introduction to the parashah, a Messianic teaching on based on the weekly parashah, insights from Chasidic sources on that Torah portion, a children’s story about the Torah portion, and a sample of the Hebrew from that week’s Torah portion cantillated according to the synagogue melody.

Introduction: Boaz Michael provides a quick introduction to the Torah.

Midrash: D. Thomas Lancaster delivers a teaching expanding on the commentary in the written materials on the weekly Torah portion.

Hidden Light: Toby Janicki offers insights from Chassidic commentaries on the parashah.

Torah Kids, Tales of the Sages: D. Thomas Lancaster tells a children’s stories based upon the lives of the sages from Talmud and Midrash.

Chanting the Torah: Aaron Eby cantillates the Hebrew of the first aliyah of the weekly Torah.

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Hidden Light

Tales of the Sages

Chanting the Torah

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