Depths of the Torah, Book 4

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The five books plus appendices of Depths of the Torah offers in-depth study into the stories and laws of the Torah from Genesis to Deuteronomy.

Unravel the mysterious laws of clean and unclean, the detailed sacrificial system, the priesthood and Temple, and discover their deeper, Messianic meanings. Reconcile the Gospels with the harsh laws of Torah, including slavery, capital punishment, stoning rebellious sons, and taking eye-for-eye. Depths of the Torah examines each of the 613 commandments in detail through the eyes of the sages, the Messiah, the Prophets, the Gospels, and Paul’s writings.

Study biblical poetry, narrative form, midrash, and New Testament interpretation with a literary approach to Torah study. Examine apostolic interpretations of Torah and compare with rabbinic thought. Devotional, inspirational, and unapologetically Messiah-centered, Depths of the Torah offers practical direction for Torah-living.

An invaluable study source for every serious student of the Bible.

  • Book Four: Teaches through the stories and commandments in the book of Numbers while revealing the deep meaning of the census, the twelve spies, the rejection of the land, Korah’s rebellion, the red heifer, the prophecies of Balaam, and the encampments of Israel in the wilderness.

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