Hashkafah: Messianic Judaism for All Nations, Audio CD

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The Jewish concept of “hashkafah” (worldview or paradigm) is the starting place for proper theology and application (halakah) of that theology. It is our vision—the way in which we understand ourselves in God, the way we understand the Bible, and how we practically apply our faith. Having a clear, consistent Messianic Jewish hashkafah will unite, strengthen, and define the body of Messiah.

In this lecture, First Fruits of Zion’s President and Founder, Boaz Michael, casts a vision of a truly Messianic Jewish hashkafah: Messianic Judaism for All Nations, a hashkafah founded on the land, the people, and the Scriptures of Israel, regenerated in the resurrection of Yeshua, and looking toward the coming kingdom.

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First Fruits of Zion
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Boaz Michael
Audio CD
41 minutes