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DATE: Wednesday, May 16 – Friday, May 18 / Shabbat - Shavuot, May 19 – 20

Join us for a spiritual recharge as we prepare for the next big phase in this great mission. “Ki MiTziyon” means “For out of Zion” in the prophecy that says, “For out of Zion shall go forth the Torah” (Isaiah 2:3).

  • Adult Learning: Ki MiTziyon
  • 12-21 Learning & Engagement: Black Fire on White Fire
  • FFOZ Kids: Spirit and Truth

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DATES: August 1–13, 2018

Camp Tzadi offers a unique combination of community, Bible learning, Messianic education, and fun activities. This ten-day summer camp for Messianic youth will enrich their faith, provide a setting to meet like-minded peers, and make lasting friendships in a supportive, open, and spiritual environment.

Come join us for an amazing, spiritually transforming summer.

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