Psalm 67, Audio CD

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“Messianic Judaism for All Nations” describes the belief that all nations, both Jews and Gentiles, are destined to come under one umbrella in the kingdom of heaven, and that this umbrella will be Messianic Judaism, in a “traditional” or Torah-observant form. The heart of this belief is the kingdom of heaven; it is an all-encompassing vision.

However, this eschatological vision of all nations worshiping the God of Israel is incomplete without both “the nations” and “Israel.” Both are necessary; if either one is missing, or does not fulfill its role, the kingdom cannot come in its fullness.Consequently, our vision of Messianic Judaism requires the presence of Messianic Gentiles—Gentiles practicing Judaism—not just in a theological sense but in an ecclesiological sense.

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First Fruits of Zion
Boaz Michael
Audio CD
48 minutes