Radial Ecclesiology, Audio CD

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Just as the word of the LORD will go forth from Jerusalem, radiating to the whole world, the kingdom radiates from our Master Yeshua. One day soon it will encompass the whole world. The apostles of Yeshua considered themselves to be fully within the framework of Judaism. It was not their intent to start something new. Messianic Judaism was their religion and Messianic Judaism will be the religion of the kingdom. Messianic synagogues, Sabbath fellowships, and Sunday churches all look different externally, but they can share the same theology—a theology that centers on Messiah and elevates the Torah, Israel, and Zionism. In Radial Ecclesiology, D. Thomas Lancaster expounds on Messianic Judaism and its hashkafah, or perspective, on the assemblies of the Messiah.

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D. Thomas Lancaster
Audio CD
48 minutes