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Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein (1825–1908), (זצ״ל) served as a district rabbi in Tápiószele, Hungary when an encounter with the Gospel changed his life. He became an outspoken disciple of Yeshua of Nazareth, but he remained in his post as district rabbi for several years. Despite pressure from rabbinic authorities, Jewish believers, and Christian leaders, he could not be compelled to renounce Judaism or his devotion to the Torah.

Lichtenstein wrote a series of short booklets arguing for faith in Yeshua. He compared the teachings of Yeshua with those of the sages, and pleaded for acceptance as a Jewish believer within the Jewish community. His booklets received wide distribution in several languages, and he quickly became one of the most famous Jewish believers of the late nineteenth century. Today, he is regarded as a pioneer of the Messianic Jewish movement.

The Everlasting Jew, compiled, edited, and revised by D. Thomas Lancaster, is a new collation of Lichtenstein’s inspiring writings, many of them culled from the libraries of Europe and translated to English for the first time. The Everlasting Jew also includes the story of Lichtenstein’s life and his encounter with the Gospel.

"When the day dawns, he will be no more Jacob, but Israel, the prince with God, who shall fight the battles of HaShem and His Anointed among the nations. The everlasting Jew … will become a witness for God and his Messiah, and to him all will give ear." (Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein)

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Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein, Compl. & Ed. by D. Thomas Lancaster
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Vine of David is proud to present Paul Philip Levertoff’s great masterpiece, The Religious Thought of the Chasidim, now available in English with a fresh new translation from Vine of David. This book immerses the reader deeply into the waters of Jewish mysticism, primarily Chasidic teaching from the Chabad school of Chasidism, which was established by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745–1812), the illustrious relative of the author, Paul Philip Levertoff.

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A Chasidic discourse from one of the pioneers of Messianic Judaism, crammed with stimulating thought and pervaded by real spiritual beauty, Love and the Messianic Age is a mint of good things and solid learning.

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To assist readers in unlocking the contents of Love and the Messianic Age, Vine of David has created this accompanying study guide and commentary that expands on Levertoff’s concepts, explains them, and connects them to the words of Yeshua and the apostles.

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