When You Have Eaten, Audio CD

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Grace After Meals in the Didache. The Apostle Paul urges readers of his first letter to Timothy to receive their food with thanksgiving. He is most certainly referring to the Jewish custom to say a blessing before eating and one after. The traditional Grace After Meals prayer in Judaism is beautiful, but there are a few lines that are inappropriate for Messianic Gentiles to recite. That seems to be why the earliest Jewish disciples offer in the Didache an alternate blessing for Gentiles. In When You Have Eaten: Grace After Meals in the Didache, First Fruits of Zion teacher and author Toby Janicki examines the blessing offered in the Didache and introduces a brand new melody by Troy Mitchell for the Didache Grace After Meals. (The full recording of the melody, which can be sung in Hebrew and English, appears at the end of the teaching.)

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Toby Janicki
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