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Each one of you is on a quest. The ultimate destination: knowing God.

You are on a spiritual quest. You have a purpose and a destination. However, you encounter many obstacles along the way, and there is no guarantee you will fulfill your mission. Children of Light is a guide that will show you the big picture and help you avoid pitfalls.

In six short chapters, Aaron Eby presents deep spiritual thoughts and practical instruction. This book is written for young people, but these transformative ideas will challenge and inspire readers of any age.

This material is easily adapted as a study curriculum.

From the Foreword

Every generation of God’s people struggles to maintain the light of faith and pass it on to the next generation. Jews and Christians alike have made every effort to raise their children to be people of faith, and this task has never been easy. In that sense, the struggle we face today is one we share with all of God’s people from the time of Abraham.

In another sense, our struggle is unique. Human nature is the same, but the world we live in would be unrecognizable to past generations. Social media has forever altered how we present ourselves to the world and the way we connect with each other. Our carefully curated social media feeds give us a false, unrealistic perspective on the state of the world, our relationships, and even ourselves...

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