Digital Resources and Subscriptions

Digital resources ordered at this Store in PDF, MP3, ePUB, MOBI, and other file formats, and can be downloaded immediately after payment through your Store account. These files are electronically delivered and are not shipped.

On-demand videos, rented or puchased through Vimeo are available only through Vimeo. Refer to this link: to troubleshoot issues.

Digital subscriptions or resources related to Messiah Magazine, Messiah Journal, HaYesod, and FFOZ Friends, require you to sign up for a free FFOZ Core account. Only after completing your registration here, can we link your resources to your account.

When and How do you receive your downloads?

  1. After payment, you can sign into your account and go to your "My Account" or "Orders" page where you will see the Download links.
  2. You will also receive an email notification with links to all your downloads. Use the links you receive in the notification email immediately after your order has been paid to download your digital resources.
  3. If your download fails for any reason, please try again before requesting assistance. You may download digital resources a number of times, but may not copy and distribute it as this would violate the copyright agreement with us.

Download your files as soon as you can and make backups

  1. Your downloads will be available for download for a set period of time after purchase
  2. If your download period expired, please contact us to extend the download period
  3. Download format: Most downloads are available in more than one format, i.e. a Zip archive that contains the MP3 files, a PDF or other files, or the native program files, like PDF, ePUB, MOBI, etc.
  4. Zip archives: You can download the Zip archive, and then extract the files afterwards if you experience problems with the native PDF or MP3 files.
  5. Zip archive problems: If you cannot download and open a Zip archive, you need to install a Zip utility on your device in order to do this.
  6. Tablets, Phones, eBook Readers: Unless you know how to manage Zip archives, MP3 and other file types on iOS, Android or Windows tablets or phones, we advise you to download your digital resources on a desktop computer first. iOS normally directly opens MP3 downloads in the Safari browser and starts playing the files, instead of giving the option to download the actual files. To avoid this, get an App that can download and store files on your iOS device. There are many free Apps available in the Apple App Store to do this, like Documents, by Readdle, Dropbox, etc. (
  7. Kindle Devices and eBooks: If you purchased an eBook and need to transfer the file to a Kindle device, please follow the instructions from Amazon here.

When ordering digital products, it is important that you take into account the suitability of your internet connection to download large files (500MB or more). Our staff cannot manually send these files to you via email after purchase.

Copyright notice: Digital products are subject to the same copyright rules of normal products. Digital files may not be copied, except for your private, personal use, and may not be re-distributed free, or sold at any price.