A Devotional Study Through the Five Books of Moses. 

In her devotional commentary, Keren Hannah Pryor gives you a taste of the sweetness of God’s Word and the inspired instruction of his Torah. She gleans from the wisdom of Jewish sages and commentators as well as Christian insights into the Tanach (Old Testament), and conveys them in a gentle but profound manner that will inspire and inform every student of Scripture.

This prayer card contains the kiddush blessings that are recited on the evening of Rosh Hashanah before partaking in the meal. When Rosh Hashanah begins on...
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Tell It to the Next Generation

Will the Messianic Jewish message of the kingdom survive into the next generation?

How can we engage the next generation in Messianic Judaism and Yeshua faith? At First Fruits of Zion’s 2016 National Conference, the focus was on raising up a new generation of disciples—new wineskins for the new wine of our Master Yeshua’s teaching.


The Concealed Light is an inspiring book that introduces the reader into the rich background and meaning behind the names of the Messiah. In the Bible and other Jewish sources, the Mashiach is deliberately assigned various eye-opening and specific names. Each of these assignations offers deep insights into the attributes and expected roles of the person of Messiah—far beyond the watered-down concept of the Messiah that modern culture offers us.


The Tent of David is our lost vision. It is the apostles’ dream of a unified expression of faith in which Jew and Gentile worship the God of Abraham together and serve him in the redemption of the world.


This book contains a selection of the works of Rabbi Daniel Zion (1883–1979), some newly translated into English, along with a new biography. Rabbi Zion tells of the miraculous events surrounding his realization of Yeshua as the Messiah, his campaign against the Nazi regime, and his unwavering commitment to Judaism.

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Most believers have been taught an obligation to give a tenth of their income to their home church, but is this really what the Bible requires? First Fruits of Zion teacher Toby Janicki attempts to answer this question and more as he takes you on a fascinating biblical and historical study of the obligation of tithing. What does the LORD require of you?


Order additional HaYesod: The Foundation Student Workbooks according to the number of students in your group, or for future groups.

The Student Workbook presents the entire lesson outline and material in detail and runs parallel to the video teachings. Students fill in the blanks in the workbooks while watching the DVDs, streaming the Videos online, or listen to the Audio CDs, or MP3s.

The workbook is full of additional helps such as a glossary of terms, pertinent Scripture quotations, additional sources, references, and citations.