Inspiring lessons for young disciples! Torah Clubhouse provides Yeshua-centered teaching from the Gospels and the weekly Torah portion to raise up children in the ways of discipleship.

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Decorate your home, office or study with this beautiful 8" x 10" print featuring the Hebrew prayer, Hareini MeKasher (I Hereby Join). Ready for framing or...
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A Study on the Commandment of Tefillin

Mayim Chayim Series

Is the mitzvah of binding the commandments to hand and head to be understood literally? Should believers wear tefillin? Did Yeshua wear them? Learn about the history and symbolism of the sacred commandment of tefillin. Janicki examines the Master's perspective on the subject and looks into the origin of the practice. An eye-opening, in-depth introduction to one of the most sacred rituals in Judaism and a thorough study of the subject from a Messianic perspective.


Treasures in Heaven is a challenging and engaging six-session seminar intended to help us review our Kingdom priorities as disciples of the Master. This timely message renews a sense of purpose in these times of uncertainty; it draws from the recent political and economical events using the climate of our times as a motivator to correct our paths and prepare us for the return of the Messiah.

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For Individual Students Only

Includes 6 months of online access to Student Lessons on streaming video.

HaYesod: The Sabbath is a new module composed of ten compelling lessons that explore the biblical Sabbath and its observance and implications for Messianic believers today. Lessons are taught from locations throughout the land of Israel and from the studio setting of the First Fruits of Zion study hall (beit midrash). Detailed information about every aspect of the HaYesod program is available at

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2011 First Fruits of Zion National Conference - Yoke of the King

"Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me … and you will find rest for your souls." (Matthew 11:29)

Vision of the Messianic Gentile

Sometimes it may feel like Jews and Gentiles are unequally yoked as we all seek to take on the “yoke of the King.” Get a new, fresh, powerful, uniting vision for the future of Gentiles in Messianic Judaism. Discover the path of the biblical God-fearer, and let the Sabbath, the festivals, and the Torah lifestyle shape your walk with God. Unravel Galatians and the teachings of Paul. Embrace Torah along with Israel rather than in place of Israel.

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The gifts of the Spirit are tokens of the Messianic Era—a down payment on the promises of the kingdom of heaven, bringing the power of the Messianic...


Inspired by these words, Israeli Messianic Jewish artist,  Elhanan Ben Avraham, created a stunning piece of art that expands the imagery of "the soul of every living being." We are honored to have partnered with Elhanan to create this beautiful art print entitled, "The Choir."

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