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The HaYesod discipleship program educates believers on their relationship with the Promised Land, the historic people of God, and the Scriptures of the Jewish people.

The HaYesod module, The Sabbath, is composed of ten compelling lessons that explore the biblical Sabbath and its observance and implications for Messianic believers today. Lessons are taught from locations throughout the land of Israel and from the studio setting of the First Fruits of Zion study hall (beit midrash).

Study on your own, or start a HaYesod Bible study group and share this vital message about the Sabbath, the Appointed times, and the Jewishness of Yeshua within your community! 

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Order additional HaYesod: The Sabbath Student, Workbooks according to the number of students in your group, or for future groups.

The Student Workbook presents the entire lesson outline and material in detail and runs parallel to the video teachings. Students fill in the blanks in the workbooks while watching the DVDs, streaming the Videos online, or listen to the Audio CDs, or MP3s.

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This resource contains the 10 HaYesod: The Sabbath lessons on DVD videos. This resource can be added as an option, at a discount rate, if you purchase the HaYesod: The Sabbath, Video Pack, which includes the Video lessons in downloadable digital format.

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The HaYesod: The Sabbath Leadership Manual is virtually identical to the HaYesod: The Sabbath Student Workbook, but includes many critical additions specially created for leaders who host groups, including administration guidelines, course management, etc. It includes a complete answer key to the student workbook and has additional leadership notes and helps.

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The audio version of the HaYesod: The Foundation, Program Videos, containing the 10 HaYesod lessons recorded on twenty MP3s. Also included are ten bonus audio segments covering topics ranging from evangelism and doctrine to personal testimonies and group Bible studies.


The audio version of the HaYesod: The Sabbath, Program Videos containing the 10 HaYesod lessons recorded on MP3 tracks. 


As an introduction to HaYesod, or to assist you in sharing what you are learning in the HaYesod program with others, and to help solidify each lesson, we have created a summary that captures the heart of every lesson, in audiobok format.

A Storybook for Messianic Children.  Before he became the father of many nations, Abraham lived far to the east in the Land of Ur. According to...
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