Finding the Seder in the Bible, DVD Video

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Discover the Underlying Biblical Basis for the Passover Customs

The Passover Seder is an eye-opening ceremony, full of multi-sensory experiences that teach about God's powerful work of redemption. But there's only one problem: the Bible doesn't seem to tell us to have a Seder at all. Where did this custom come from, and is it biblical? How can you know if your Seder is meeting its biblical goals?

This presentation is perfect for people who love Passover and uphold Scripture as their ultimate authority. It is for anyone who wants to see the underlying biblical basis for the customs they observe. Finding the Seder in the Bible is also a great resource to share with friends to spark an interest in God's appointed times and the beautiful insights they offer.

  • PART ONE: An introduction to the basic concepts of Passover, the primary biblical commandments to be observed, and the timing of when it all happens.
  • PART TWO: A closer look at Scriptures relating to Passover, uncovering nuances and patterns that teach us more about what should happen on Seder night.

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Aaron Eby
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