Getting Started in Hebrew, Wall Chart

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An Instructional Chart of the Alef-Beit, including Vowels

This 12" x 18" wall chart gives the Getting Started in Hebrew student an accessible reference tool for the details of the letters and vowels.

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12 x 18 inches

Learn to read Hebrew! Getting Started in Hebrew DVDs and companion workbook (purchase separately) will teach you in 12 easy lessons to pronounce and write any Hebrew text, and move into additional Hebrew resources to begin building your vocabulary and competence.

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This 210-page user-friendly workbook is designed to be used with the Getting Started in Hebrew Video Set, to maximize a student's learning experience.

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Jump start your Hebrew language training with this bundled pack of resources. Includes a 12 lesson instructional DVD, Workbook, Wall Chart and Flash Cards, valued together at $140.50.

Learn how to pronounce and transcribe Hebrew words, plus learn about ancient Jewish writings that illustrate biblical concepts... and more.

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