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Israel, Gentiles, and the Mystery of the Gospel

What does it mean to be “grafted in” to Israel, and where did Paul get that idea in the first place? Grafted In explores the Jewish theology behind the Pauline inclusion of the Gentiles and considers what it means to be a “Messianic Gentile.” Easy to read and inspiring, this book is an important correction for the Messianic identity crisis and an encouragement for Jewish and Gentile believers both.

From where does Paul derive his conclusions, and what does being “grafted in” mean? Grafted In is a book for Christians exploring their Hebrew Roots, for Gentiles in Messianic Judaism, and for Jewish believers seeking answers about Paul.

Audio excerpts by the author

A Place at the Table

One Flock with Israel

King David's Tomb

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The Apostle Paul compared Gentile Christians to olive branches cut from wild olive trees and grafted into the olive tree of Israel. He believed that the dividing wall separating Jew and Gentile had been removed, and to him this was the “mystery of the Gospel.”

Originally published under the title The Mystery of the Gospel, this completely revised and updated edition contains a new introduction by the author and two new appendices: “We Were in a Synagogue” and “To Pray as a Gentile.”