HaYesod Postcard - Soul Mirror, Pack of 10

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In order to assist with the advertising and promotion of the teaching seminar scheduled in your local community, we are providing you with high-quality and professional promotional materials that you may utilize in your community.

Information and Mailing Postcard size: 9"  x 6" Postcards can be an effective tool for informing people about your HaYesod study, or inviting them to a presentation event. In promoting your study, use these postcards that we have prepared for you.

Hosting an Israel Night event is a great way to jump-start your HaYesod study group. Not only will this fun-filled evening spark general interest and connection to the land of Israel in the hearts of all believers present, it also has the potential to bring you new students and will most certainly excite your registered students.

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Please refer to the HaYesod Leadership Guide (Part Five, Program Promotion) for helpful instructions in promoting your HaYesod study.


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