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Available till: Sep 28, 2021

Special 15% discount on A Dash of Drash during Sukkot

This week, during Sukkot, we are offering a special 15% discount on the new book, A Dash of Drash: Torah with a Focus on Imaginative Midrashic Interpretation. The 15% discount is valid when you use the coupon code DASH5782 at checkout, for the Book, or PDF eBook.

FFOZ Friends – Member Discount

FFOZ Friends receive 10% discount off all FFOZ-published resources. Use the your special FFOZ Friends discount code to order exclusive FFOZ Friends resources, or to receive your 10% discount. Become an FFOZ Friend today! Discover everything you need to know about FFOZ Friends here »

Torah Club, Complete Commentary Sets, Member Discount

Torah Club Leaders, Students, and FFOZ Friends get a $60 discount on Complete Torah Club Commentary Sets. Use the Torah Club member discount code published on the Torah Club Commentary Sets page, or use your monthly FFOZ Friends discount published on your FFOZ Account Dashboard.

Available till: Sep 30, 2021

Shalom Tour Participation

If you participated in the FFOZ Friend Shalom Tour, and completed our online survey, you will receive a 25% discount code. Use the discount code at checkout to receive 25% off. This offer cannot be used together with another coupon code.

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