Israel and the Nations, Audio CDs

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The End-Time Ingathering of God’s People

Sound the great shofar for our freedom; lift a banner to gather our exiles, and gather us together from the four corners of the earth into our land. Blessed are You, O LORD, who gathers the dispersed of His people Israel. — The Amidah (Kibbutz Galuyot)

Israel is still the geographical center of the spiritual world. This seminar will focus on the land and people of Israel, the prophetic redemption of Zion, and the role the nations play in these end time events. Learn how true, spiritual Zionism looks toward the future kingdom when God will gather the Jewish people from the four corners of the earth and bring them back to their land. The formation of the Modern State of Israel in 1948 was a first fruits of the redemption yet to come. Then as the prophets proclaim the Torah will go forth from Zion.

  • DISC 1: The Ingathering of the Exiles [60:35]
  • DISC 2: The Land and the Messianic Era [44:59]

The final redemption begins with Israel, but it will ultimately it encompass the entire world.

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First Fruits of Zion
Toby Janicki
Audio CDs
106 minutes