Messiah Journal, # 107, Spring 2011 / 5771

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Through the pages of Messiah Journal we hope to continue to help shape the minds of the people of God, encourage the disciples of the Master, and instruct all believers in the life of Torah.


Director's Letter

The Suffering Tzaddik

How does the death of Messiah bring atonement? The Pharisees explain why the Messiah's death can atone for someone else's sins.

Man of Sorrows

Who is the Suffering Servant described in Isaiah 51:13-53:12? Christianity and Judaism have contended over the identity of Isaiah's "Servant of the LORD" since the first recorded debate between a Christian and a Jew. Learn more about the Suffering Servant in Jewish Interpretation.

The Love of God

Vine of David presents the second installment in a series of articles translating to English, for the first time ever, Paul Philip Levertoff's classic study, Die religiöse Denkweise der Chassidim (Leipzig: J. C. Hinrichs, 1918). Translated by Vine of David volunteer Kevin Hanke.

Leftovers and the Last Seder

One of the more special times of year for believers in Messiah is the Passover festival in the spring. The Chasidic table custom of shirayim creates an uncanny parallel to the rites of the Last Seder.

Passover in the Ekklesia

Two articles by David Rudolph explore the celebration of Passover amongst early Gentile believers in Yeshua: 1) The Celebration of Passover by Gentile Christians in the Patristic Period. 2) Passover in Corinth - 1 Corinthians 5:7-8.

The Greatest of These is Love

Miracles through Compassion: A moving account of how Yeshuat Israel Congregation in Jerusalem provides hope, love, and a family of believers to recovering addicts and alcoholics.

Spring Reading

First Fruits of Zion reviews two new books: 1) Israel's Messiah and the People of God: A Vision for Messianic Jewish Covenant Fidelity, by Mark Kinzer. 2) The Sages: Character, Context & Creativity: Volume I: The Second Temple Period, by Binyamin Lau.

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