Messiah Journal # 132, Fall 2018 / 5779

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Through the pages of Messiah Journal we hope to continue to help shape the minds of the people of God, encourage the disciples of the Master, and instruct all believers in the life of Torah.

Director’s Letter: Judaism Is a Religion

Boaz Michael puts forth both sides of the argument over the religiosity of Judaism and explains why he believes that it is certainly a religion.

Reader Feedback

Read some of the very interesting and encouraging stories shared by many of our readers from around the globe.

The Beatitudes

Elazar Brandt gives us a fresh look at the Sermon on the Mount and Yeshua's proclamation of the kingdom.

Traditions of Men

This article by Aaron Eby introduces a halachic inquiry into the discussions in Mark 7 and corrects common misunderstandings about Yeshua’s teachings regarding ritual purity.

Paul within Judaism and Messianic Judaism

Ryan Lambert writes an in-depth article discussing some potential implications of the "Paul within Judaism" perspective for Messianic Judaism. He explains how changing our understanding of Paul can change our understanding of his writings.


Should Gentile believers be circumcised? Toby Janicki and D. Thomas Lancaster team up to offer some practical guidance for Messianic Gentiles regarding the commandment of circumcision.

A Word of Exhortation

This article is a sneak peek into the forthcoming book by D. Thomas Lancaster titled Holy Epistle to the Hebrews: A Messianic Jewish Reading. He introduces the book of Hebrews and answers the five "Ws": What? When? Who? To whom? Why?

God and the Universe

A never-before translated excerpt from the Even Tzohar Rabbi Yechiel Tzvi Lichtenstein’s nineteenth-century treatise on Messianic Jewish theology and philosophy.

The Kingdom Brotherhood

Part 20 of the story of Bram:The Life and Wisdom of Messianic Jewish Pioneer Abram Poljak in His Own Words.

Fall Reading

FFOZ reviews three new titles.

  1. Reading Romans after Supersessionism: The Continuation of Jewish Covenental Identity - by J. Brian Tucker
  2. Reading Romans within Judaism: Collected Essays of Mark D. Nanos, Volume 2 - by Mark D. Nanos
  3. The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi: My Journey into the Heart of Scriptural Faith and the Land Where It All Began - by Kathie Lee Gifford with Rabbi Jason Sobel

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