Messiah Magazine # 21, Fall 2018

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Messiah Magazine presents introductory-level articles about the Jewish Roots of Christianity. This full-size magazine is beautifully illustrated and designed with full color photos and simple, engaging, easy-to-read articles about the basics of Messianic Judaism, the Torah, the Sabbath, the Festivals, and the Jewishness of Jesus.

Director's Letter

Boaz Michael, founder and Director of First Fruits of Zion, tells us what we will find in this issue of Messiah Magazine.


This month we are introduced to Miriam from Minnesota and Judy from China.

Connecting: Encounter Awesome Places in Israel

In this issue we go to the southernmost tip of Israel to take in the beauty of Eilat.

Bringing It Down From the Mountain

Boaz Michael's lecture from the 2018 FFOZ National Shavu'ot Conference tells a short history of First Fruits of Zion's beginnings and goes into some detail about the evolution of the current direction the ministry is taking with the new Torah Club program.

The King in Disguise

D. Thomas Lancaster explores two famous parables of Yeshua and connects them to the high holidays. Matthew's accounts of the Sheep and the Goats and King in Disguise parables seem to have a common theme and background material that is missing from the text.

Torah Club Leader Highlight

Meet two of our new Torah Club Leaders and their families: The Mitchell family from Virginia and the Hepplewhite family from Australia.

Building a Culture

The new Torah Club program isn't about books anymore. It's about creating a community of people in authentic relationship with a deep desire to be disciples of the Master.

Congregation Beth Messiah

Ryan Lambert took a trip to Texas and sat down for an interview with the rabbi of one of the largest Messianic Jewish synagogues in the United States. Learn how this congregation grew from a home fellowship to a thriving community in the heart of Houston.

Who Are Hillel and Shammai?

Jeremiah Michael tells us about the two most famous sages of the generation just before our Master's ministry, and compares their different styles of teaching.

A Refuge in Israel

In 1942, the German army prepared to advance on the Holy Land to overrun the Jews living there and create a future world without the Jews. The outpost town of El Alamein in Egypt was the last obstacle to Rommel's forces before entering the land. Things didn't work out as planned.

Gratitude in an Ungrateful World

S Michael writes about how having an attitude of gratitude can change your outlook on life and shares the 12-21 Summer Challenge taken on by the young people in the Messianic community.

Sabbath Foretaste of the Kingdom

Toby Janicki reminds us that all aspects of the Sabbath point toward the Messianic Era when we will have an era that is entirely Sabbath. As we wait for this rest, we should be continually listening to God's voice and walking in obedience to him.

Come and See!

Hey kids! Here is a sneak peek at one of the stories in the forthcoming book, Tales of the Messiah. This one tells the stories of Yeshua gathering his disciples and the wedding at Cana.