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DATE: Sunday, May 28 — 31

This year at First Fruits of Zion’s national Shavu’ot conference, join us for the release of our new translation and commentary on the Didache, an Apostolic-era document containing the teaching of Yeshua as transmitted to the nations.

  • Adult Learning: Didache Rediscovered
  • 12-21 Learning & Engagement: The Two Roads
  • FFOZ Kids: House on the Rock
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DATES: August 10 — 20, 2017

Camp Tzadi offers a unique combination of community, Bible learning, Messianic education, and fun activities. This ten-day summer camp for Messianic youth will enrich their faith, provide a setting to meet like-minded peers, and make lasting friendships in a supportive, open, and spiritual environment.

Come join us for an amazing, spiritually transforming summer.

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