What About Series

The “What About?” series of lectures addresses key questions that arise in the process of learning the Messianic Jewish perspective. These lectures are detailed, educational, and progressive. Questions about some of Christianity’s most misunderstood topics are examined and key questions are answered in a fresh and inspiring manner, guaranteed to overturn old perspectives.


Does the New Covenant really replace the Old Covenant? Christian replacement theology is solidly based on a misunderstanding of the meaning of the new covenant. The church teaches that the new covenant cancels the Torah and God’s covenant with the Jewish people.


Most believers have been taught an obligation to give a tenth of their income to their home church, but is this really what the Bible requires? First Fruits of Zion teacher Toby Janicki attempts to answer this question and more as he takes you on a fascinating biblical and historical study of the obligation of tithing. What does the LORD require of you?