Shadows of the Messiah, Commentary Set + Audio Magazine

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Casebound 6-Book Set

The five books plus appendices of Shadows of the Messiah present an eye-opening, year-long discovery of Messiah in the Torah, presented in a sturdy, case-bound edition.

Lift the veil and see the person of Messiah revealed within the Torah. Employing a wealth of Jewish commentary and rabbinic insights into the weekly Torah portions, Shadows of the Messiah is like walking the Emmaus Road with the King himself where “beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning himself in all the Scriptures” (Luke 24:27). You will feel your heart burn with excitement as you dive deep into the study of Torah every week, and experience real encounters with the Living Yeshua.

This Torah study contains great source material for personal study, riveting sermons, and small group Bible studies, with responsible and trustworthy scholarship, carefully documented from ancient Jewish sources and rabbinic commentaries.

An invaluable study source for every serious student of the Bible.

  • Book One: Teaches through the stories of Genesis while revealing prophecies and hints about the Messiah in the lives of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.
  • Book Two: Teaches through the stories of Exodus while revealing prophecies and hints about the Messiah from the life of Moses, the exodus from Egypt, the giving of the Torah at Sinai, and the construction of the Tabernacle.
  • Book Three: Teaches through the laws of Leviticus while revealing prophecies about the Messiah in the sacrifices, the priesthood, the Sanctuary, the festivals, and dietary laws.
  • Book Four: Teaches through the stories of Moses and the children of Israel in the book of Numbers while revealing prophecies about the Messiah in the census, the twelve spies, the rejection of the land, Korah’s rebellion, and the prophecies of Balaam.
  • Book Five: Teaches through the book of Deuteronomy to the edge of the promised land while revealing prophecies about the Messiah in the words of Moses.
  • Appendices: Includes additional essays, maps, charts, diagrams, indices, bibliography, and other useful tools to assist you in your study of the Torah.

Audio Magazine

MP3 Audio files on USB Flash Drive

Shadows of the Messiah Audio Commentary on Yeshua in the Torah contains fifty-four audio chapters corresponding to the fifty-four Torah portions. The audio magazine supplement includes an in-depth parashah overview, a focused teaching on a Messianic aspect of the parashah, a unique teaching about the names and titles of the Messiah, and a children’s story about the Torah portion.

Overview: Boaz Michael provides a quick overview of the Torah portion with Messianic highlights.

Midrash: D. Thomas Lancaster takes students deeper into the search for the shadows of the Messiah in the weekly Torah portion in fifty-four faith-exciting teachings.

Torah Kids: Enjoy a story from the weekly Torah portion told on a level that a five-year-old can grasp.

Names of Messiah: Short studies on the cryptic titles for Messiah, read from the Vine of David book The Concealed Light.

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