The Didache, an Introduction, Audio CD

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"A nearly forgotten relic offers an unparalleled look into the early Apostolic community." This teacing by Toby Janicki shares the introduction to his translation of the Didache (meaning "teaching") and also known by its longer title, Teaching of the Lord to the Gentiles by the Twelve Apostles. This important work will breathe new life into this Apostolic Age instruction manual for non-Jewish believers in Messiah.

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First Fruits of Zion
Toby Janicki
Audio CD
28 minutes

The Rediscovered Teachings of the Twelve Jewish Apostles to the Gentiles

Didache: A New Translation and Messianic Jewish Commentary

While there have been a plethora of commentaries on the Didache from Christian and even Jewish points of view, this is the first major work from a Messianic Jewish perspective. The Way of Life will benefit both Messianic Jews and Gentiles who desire to study the priorities and life of the earliest believers in Yeshua.

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An Apostolic Call to Introspection. Chapter five of the Didache offers up a list of evil vices and evil doers that make up the Way of Death. This stands...
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This teaching examines the first two verses of the Didache which contain two guiding principles: love God and love your neighbor. These two commandments...
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