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Returning the Biblical Festivals to the Disciples of Jesus.

God has set dates for meeting with his people. The Holy Days explores the relationship between Jesus, his followers, and the Jewish observance of the biblical festivals. Discover how the LORD’s appointed times point to the Messiah and God’s plan of redemption. More than just theology and eschatology, Lancaster offers practical guidance and explanations for both Messianic Jews and Gentile disciples as they incorporate the celebration and observance of the biblical calendar into practical discipleship.

The LORD spoke to Moses, saying: Speak to the people of Israel and say to them: These are the appointed festivals of the LORD that you shall proclaim as holy convocations, my appointed festivals. — Leviticus 23:1

From the Introduction

Why would disciples of Jesus keep the Jewish holy days? In a previous book in this series titled From Sabbath to Sabbath: Returning the Holy Sabbath to the Disciples of Jesus, I made the argument for a Christian observance of the weekly Sabbath. The same argument applies to the rest of the Bible’s holy days: Passover, Pentecost, the Festival of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, the Festival of Booths, and the Eighth Day. This book builds on the premises established in the earlier book, extending the same logic to cover all the Bible’s festivals or appointed times.

The holy days have their own merit and rewards. The Jewish people regard them as sanctuaries in time, opportunities to engage in the spiritual world, enter holy time, and receive blessing from the Almighty. They are days of elevated holiness, set aside for prayer, study, and worship. They create an annual cycle of sanctification that keeps us on track with God, growing and maturing in Messiah from year to year. For disciples of Jesus, the Bible’s holy days offer opportunities for connecting with our Master and holy Savior, the living Son of the Almighty.

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Returning the Biblical Festivals to the Disciples of Jesus. God has set dates for meeting with his people. The Holy Days explores the relationship...
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Returning the Holy Sabbath to the Disciples of Jesus. Why don’t Christians in the church today keep the biblical Sabbath? Was the observance of the...
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Restoration presents a riveting case for a return to historic biblical faith, and is a compelling tool that presents the beauty of Torah life to friends and family. In easy-to-understand terms, D. Thomas Lancaster demonstrates that Torah is indeed for Christians. This book is gracious, compelling and balanced! The 10th anniversary edition contains three new chapters! 

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