The Last Days, Audio CD

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Hanukkah and the Rise of the Anti-Christ

Prepare to enter the world of biblical prophecy! Prophecies regarding the Abomination of Desolation, the “Little Horn”, the rise of the Anti-Christ, the 1,600 days, and the Man of Lawlessness are discussed from the book of Daniel. Meet the Anti-Christ as defined by Yeshua and Paul. Believers will be surprised to see how the events of the Hanukkah revolution are spelled out in the prophecies of Daniel and foretold by Yeshua.

This FFOZ Friends teaching is entitled The Last Days and consists of two Hanukkah-themed teachings. These teachings present the story, background, and significance of the Festival of Dedication or Hanukkah (which means ‘dedication’) and why this celebration should be relevant and important to all followers of the Messiah of Israel.

  • Teaching 1: Historical Foundation
  • Teaching 2: Prophetic Comparison

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First Fruits of Zion
D. Thomas Lancaster
2 Audio CDs
99 minutes

In this FFOZ Friends teaching, learn the fundamental biblical concept that inspired the custom of lighting the Hanukkah lights. Lighting the nine-branched menorah for Hanukkah is a beautiful custom, and it sends a powerful message about the saving power of the God of Israel. In this teaching you will learn the Hanukkah story and how to light the hanukkiah in your home and recite the blessings. 

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Light of the Kingdom by D. Thomas Lancaster is a FFOZ Friends teaching on the significance of the Maccabean Revolt to Messianic Judaism, and provides insights into the meaning and relationship of the eight-branched Hanukkiah (Menorah) lit during the festival of Hanukkah to the seven-branched Menorah of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.
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