Torah Club Groups

Join with our mission on another level by leading others into the knowledge and understanding of their faith, the Torah, and Jewish understanding of the Scriptures by leading Torah Club group Bible studies.

When you subscribe, you'll receive a monthly packet of Torah Club written materials, specially designed for groups, that can be utilized by the students. These booklets contain the full text from the case-bound editions of Unrolling the Scroll, Shadows of the Messiah, Chronicles of the Messiah, and Chronicles of the Apostles.


Start a Torah Club Group

As an Ally- or Pillar-level FFOZ Friend, with a minimum of 5 students, you can start a Torah Club group and get a significant reduction in the costs for your individual group members. Starting a Torah Club group is a great way to provide a structured and balanced setting for introducing people to their rich biblical heritage. Call or visit our website for pricing and information.

Minimum quantity for "Torah Club Group" is 5.