Torah Club Volume 3 : Voice of the Prophets, Monthly

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Get a Head Start on the End Times

Dive deep into the world of ancient Israel, kings and prophets. Enter the world of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and all the prophets.

Voice of the Prophets takes students through the synagogue haftarah readings—the accompanying Scripture section from the Prophets that we read after the regular weekly Torah portion. Take hold of the Jewish perspective on the Prophets and discover how the whole Bible fits together. Voice of the Prophets opens a theological-revolution for traditional Christian interpretation while laying a strong foundation for Messianic Judaism.

The Haftarah

In the synagogue every Shabbat, an assigned section from the prophets is read aloud to the congregation to accompany the weekly reading from the Torah. The reading from the prophets is called the “haftarah," a word that means “section." Torah Club Volume Three: The Prophets provides students with weekly written materials and audio commentary on the synagogue haftarah readings.

Volume Three provides commentary on the synagogue's weekly Haftarah portions. The Haftarah is a reading from the prophets that compliments weekly Torah portion.


  • Kings and prophets
  • End times
  • The censored prophecies
  • History, geography, archaeology
  • Commentary on Alternate Haftarah Portions (Ashkenaz/Sephardic)
  • Commentary on Festivals



  • Extensive written Bible commentary from rabbis and Evangelical teachers
  • 26 Audio CDs with 54 Lessons
  • Convenient, 5 binders with slipcase
  • Accurate documentation of original sources
  • Study questions for homeschool and small study groups
  • High quality attractive notebooks and binders
  • Torah reading schedules from synagogue lections

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First Fruits of Zion
Torah Club
D. Thomas Lancaster
Five Binders + Slip Case / 26 Audio CDs
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Torah Club Volume Three takes students through the weekly synagogue haftarah reading—the section from the Prophets that accompanies the weekly Torah portion. Torah Club Volume Three is fresh material, completely rewritten commentary, engaging audio CD teachings, and serious Bible study drawing on historical, archaeological, geographical, and linguistic studies in combination with Messianic and ancient rabbinic insights.

In stock