Torah Club Volume 5 : Depths of the Torah

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This Torah Club volume offers in-depth study into the tories and laws of the Torah from Genesis to Deuteronomy. Unravel the mysterious laws of clean and unclean, the detailed sacrificial system, the priesthood and Temple, and discover their deeper, Messianic meanings. Reconcile the Gospels with the harsh laws of Torah including slavery, capital punishment, stoning rebellious sons, and taking eye-for-eye. Volume Five examines each of the 613 commandments in detail through the eyes of the sages, the Messiah, the Prophets, the Gospels and Paul’s writings.

Study biblical poetry, narrative form, midrash, and New Testament interpretation with a literary approach to Torah study. Examine apostolic interpretations of Torah and compare with the rabbinic thought. Devotional, inspirational, and unapologetically Messiah-centered, Torah Club Volume Five offers practical direction for Torah-living.

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  • Fully revised, written materials and audio CDs
  • Commentary on the Torah.
  • In depth discussion of purity codes and sacrifice
  • Children’s stories from midrash and Talmud (audio CDs only)
  • “Chanting the Torah” Hebrew lessons (audio CDs only)
  • Listing of all 613 commandments per Rambam
  • Notes, citations, appendixes, timelines and cross-references
  • Study Questions for individuals or small groups
  • Weekly Bible readings and study materials
  • Slipcase containing five individual binders and/or a separate audio CD case