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Twelve Gates examines the Ephraimite/Two-House theology to help solve the identity crisis that exists in the Hebrew Roots Movement.

The book of Revelation describes the New Jerusalem as having twelve gates named after the twelve tribes of Israel. Through which gate will you enter?

The Two-House movement teaches that many modern Christians are in reality descendants of the ten lost tribes. Its followers consider themselves ethnic Israelites. The idea that anyone might be the biological descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and therefore entitled to the promises of God, is inherently attractive. The emotional and apocalyptic appeal of Two-House theology is obvious.

Boaz Michael, a leading voice in Messianic Judaism, looks at the history of the movement and examines the key biblical texts under dispute. Using the most recent scholarship about Gentile identity in apostolic theology, his book introduces a balanced alternative to Two-House theology. Twelve Gates welcomes Gentiles into the commonwealth of Israel, the New Jerusalem, and the Messianic Jewish movement.

"This is a very fine piece of work. As one who has written on this subject myself, I find this booklet in accord with my views; it also provides new information and approaches that are very enriching. I trust that this book will truly aid us all as we seek to deal with this difficult problem."
— Dr. Daniel Juster, Tikkun International, Director

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