Vine of David Haggadah

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A Messianic Jewish Passover Seder.

The Vine of David Haggadah is a translation of the traditional Haggadah, containing the complete traditional seder in both English and Hebrew. This Haggadah sets a new standard for Messianic Haggadot, both in terms of production quality, content and presentation.

It balances the best of both traditional and messianic worlds by respecting the customs and history of Israel, taking seriously the explicit commandment in the Torah to teach our children about the redemption from Egypt and the commandment of the Master to keep the festival in remembrance of him. Throughout the traditional seder text, Messianic passages have been seamlessly interwoven to create a truly authentic feeling Messianic Haggadah.

Because of these unique features, it will be able to fulfill a special role for the Messianic Jewish community:

Clear and Accessible

  • Lucid translation makes the plain meaning of the text readily understandable.
  • Clean design makes the literary structure visible to the reader and easy to follow.
  • Helpful endnotes clarify some things that might be obscure or confusing to the reader.
  • The extensive use of Scripture is indicated.
  • Transliteration (Hebrew text in English letters) at key points helps people who wish to recite blessings in Hebrew.
  • English translations of songs allow them to be sung in English.
  • Hebrew terms are explained in a glossary.

Comprehensive and Authentic

  • Contains the complete traditional seder in both English and Hebrew.
  • Creates an authentic atmosphere, respectful to the customs and history of Israel.
  • Fulfills the Torah commandment to teach our children about the redemption from Egypt.
  • Having the complete text at hand gives the leader of the seder full control to adapt the experience to the needs of the participants.


  • Places a clear emphasis on following his directive to remember and memorialize him.
  • Guides the participants in retelling his words and imitating his actions at that last night before his death.
  • Incorporates passages from the Apostolic Scriptures and other ancient writings seamlessly and sensitively into the traditional text.

Beautiful Design

  • Takes the creative and skilled design work First Fruits and Vine of David are known for to a new level.
  • Bold and innovative artwork enhance the reader's sense of celebration and joy.
  • Elegant, flowing, and graceful design capture and convey the holiness of Passover night.
  • Truly professional artwork, layout, printing, and binding brings honor to God, to his appointed time, to our Master, and to Messianic Judaism.

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A Passover Encounter for Christians

Only $2 per book for quantities of 5 or more.

New for Passover this year, we are pleased to announce the release of a short, streamlined, and beginner-friendly version of the Passover Haggadah titled The Master’s Table: A Passover Encounter for Christians. The new English Haggadah delivers the whole traditional seder meal with all the steps, but the readings and recitations are truncated to a manageable size, optimized for use in community seders and outreach functions.


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The Wedding Supper of the Lamb

Meal of Messiah is a resource like the Passover Haggadah. On the final day of Passover, which commemorates the crossing of the Red Sea, there is a custom to end the season of redemption with an additional, less formal seder. Called Se'udat Mashiach (Meal of Messiah), this event focuses on the ultimate redemption and the messianic banquet that will take place in the future.

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This audio CD contains a cappella table songs to accompany the Meal of Messiah, sung by Troy Mitchell. These Messianic zemirot come from both ancient and modern Jewish and Christian tradition.

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This combination pack includes: 1 Vine of David Haggadah, 1 Meal of Messiah, 1 Meal of Messiah, Audio, 12 Songs CD. The Haggadah The Vine...
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