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Messianic Luminaries

The Everlasting Jew, Book

CODE: 4029


The Everlasting Jew is a new collation of Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein’s inspiring writings, many of them culled from the libraries of Europe and translated to English for the first time. The Everlasting Jew also includes the story of Lichtenstein’s life and his encounter with the Gospel.

Love and the Messianic Age, Book

CODE: 4000


A Chasidic discourse from one of the pioneers of Messianic Judaism, crammed with stimulating thought and pervaded by real spiritual beauty, Love and the Messianic Age is a mint of good things and solid learning.

Love and the Messianic Age, Commentary

CODE: 4001


To assist readers in unlocking the contents of Love and the Messianic Age, Vine of David has created this accompanying study guide and commentary that expands on Levertoff’s concepts, explains them, and connects them to the words of Yeshua and the apostles.