We Thank You For the Food! Audio Companion, MP3


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This audio companion is designed to be used with the booklet containing activities for kids. Order separately.

Stories and Songs Audio Companion

Join the lively table of Boaz and Tikvah Michael for mouth-watering tales and songs of thanksgiving. Stories from the Gospels and Rabbinic literature will encourage focused worship for children ages 3-9 while your whole family will learn the importance of thanking God at mealtimes.

This audio companion to the booklet, We Thank You for the Food (purchase separately), brings to life the children’s activities found in the booklet. This audio is also specially designed to compliment our grown-up versions of these same mealtime prayers and melodies found in We Thank You, Blessings of Thanks Before and After Meals, enabling families and communities to sing in unison.

The 20-page activity booklet for children, introducing mealtime prayers includes activities, and coloring pages, puzzles, etc.

The audio companion includes stories, discussion, and traditional blessings of both Judaism and the early believers in Yeshua.

Audio Tracks

  1. Feeding of the Five Thousand
  2. Benjamin the Shepherd
  3. Blessings Before Eating
  4. Yeshua’s Last Seder
  5. Paul, the Apostle at Sea
  6. The Good Land of Israel
  7. First Blessing: for the Nourishment
  8. Second Blessing: for the Land of Israel
  9. Third Blessing: for Jerusalem
  10. Fourth Blessing: for God’s Goodness

41 minutes

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41 minutes

A 20-page activity booklet for children, introducing mealtime prayers. Includes activities, coloring, plus stories and fun for the whole family!

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