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Blessings of Thanks Before and After Meals

Yeshua taught His disciples to bless God before they ate; the Torah commands us to bless God after we eat. Blessing God and thanking God for life and the provision and nourishment of food both before and after one has eaten has long been the practice within Judaism.

This table blessings guide, We Thank You, offers a simple and innovative liturgy for disciples of Yeshua by weaving the ancient meal blessings of Judaism called the Birkat Hamazon together with recently discovered prayers of the early believers.

The Audio Companion (purchase separately) makes the traditional melodies available for both Hebrew and English readers and will cause your table to come alive with the joy of gratitude.

What is different in the 2nd edition?

  1. Enhanced: Prayers start on new pages making the resource more open and user friendly--rather than prayers running in continuum that may cause confusion to the unfamiliar petitioner.
  2. Added: Table of Contents.
  3. Added: A missing section from the Didache pre-wine blessing.
  4. Added: Additional comments in the introduction on the Didache blessings.
  5. Added: A traditional Psalm before Netilat Yadayim to be read in place of, or along with, the traditional blessing concerning the washing of hands.
  6. Changed: Reverted the second blessing back to the tradition by removing our inserted line, "And for the covenant that you made with our Father Abraham." We moved this phrase to the commentary section as a suggested alternative blessing to those that desire to use "And for the covenant that you made with our Father Abraham" rather than the traditional "For the Covenant that you sealed in our flesh."
  7. Changed: Cover color and made some slight design changes

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